What is 

About Photon

I'm the first toy robot in history that develops along with your child.

I do my best to teach kids:

  • logical thinking,
  • new technologies,
  • programming basics,
  • social skills,
  • and help them improve their memory.

Great fun,
education and
development at a high level!

Who is it for?

Kategoria wiekowa 6-12 lat

I was created to teach kids how to code,
and designed to play with children aged
6 to 12 years old.

I am not one of the toys that end up left aside after just a few days of fun. I was designed by specialists in the field of psychology, gamification and user experience.  That's how I know I can provide entertainment and help in development that will last for years.

Coolest things 
about me?

I'm equipped with many sensors, that enable interaction with environment and offer different features - those are unlocked along with your child's development. We grow toghether: me and my human friend!

Come and
see what
I have!


The story

When I was travelling to Earth, I had an accident - I was hit by an asteroid. My craft broke and the pieces of it scattered all over the world! Now children are helping me to find these. During our journey we’re meeting many characters that have found the missing pieces before us. It's not easy to get them back - we need to solve some riddles first. Every solution gets us a reward that allows children to develop my abilities the way we want.

Our application was thoroughly tested by the youngest specialists and we constantly keep making sure, that our robot meets your children's needs.